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All strains used nowadays in biotechnology and basic research have been derived from this one isolate.

Presently, strain development in this fungus is a major focus of industrial research.

This sexual crossing approach therefore opens up perspectives for biotechnologically important fungi.

Our findings provide a tool for fast and efficient industrial strain improvement in The increasing awareness for the limited supply of fossil fuels, accompanied by the recent rise of energy costs and an imminent climate change has recently led to increased research efforts toward development of biofuels (1).

(13) are macroscopical structures consisting of hyphal mass that is pigmented at the surface, into which the actual fruiting bodies, the perithecia, are embedded.

In these perithecia, the asci containing the ascospores, derived from the sexual recombination process, grow, mature, and are ejected upon maturation.

As one of the most prolific cellulase producers, represents an ideal model system to study the regulation of plant cell wall degrading enzymes, which play an important role in conversion of cellulosic waste material into glucose, which is then fermented to bioethanol by yeast.

Using this approach, lignocellulosic biomass from agricultural byproducts or even municipal solid waste can become an environmentally compatible energy source for the future.

However, the efficiency of the respective enzyme mixtures still needs considerable improvement to render this process economically feasible (2, 3).

The enzyme producer is unique among industrially applied fungi, because it is solely known from the single wild-type isolate QM6a, which was originally isolated from the Solomon islands in World War II because of its degradation of canvas and garments of the US army (4).

Our crossing approach also works for strains engineered for enhanced cellulase production.