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Who is simon from housewives of orange county dating

The kids do not appear on Tamra’s reality television show anymore and much of that decision came straight from Barney.

The fallout came in the wake of Tamra's split and nasty 2011 divorce from Sidney's father Simon, who last year battled Tamra for custody of their three children (Sidney, 17, Spencer, 15, and Sophia, aged nine).

It seems that Tamra, though long since divorced from Simon Barney, cannot stop talking about him.

In early September, she gave an interview that states that her ex, Simon, is turning their oldest daughter against her and making sure she doesn’t want to have a relationship with her mother, even though he says that his daughter is tired of her mother’s immature behavior and how it affects her life when her friends and classmates make fun of her for her mother’s craziness in the press, on television and everywhere else.

And then I’m in the press being called ''a monster mom''…’When Cohen warned that her ex-husband Simon may respond to her speaking out on the reunion, she insisted: 'I don’t care anymore - he’s not going to push me around, tell me what to do.

He wrote: 'My ex-wife filed a 19-page contempt order against me in Orange County Superior Court on July 17th regarding my 16-year old daughter Sidney,who I was awarded permanent physical custody in the spring of 2015.'In my ex's contempt order, I believed contained several false allegations about me, including, but not limited to my refusing to follow a court order and parental alienation.

He’s been in So Cal for a long time, but he did attend college in Tampa, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in business, which he has used to get as far as he has in the business world.

He’s worked for Mercedes and for a tequila brand, and he is now working as a consultant for another major US Corporation.

Many times on reality television he appeared controlling and mean to Tamra, telling her she could not leave the house in certain things that she was wearing and other forms of what she likes to refer to as emotional abuse.