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Webcam sex in germania

Whether it’s day or night, sun, rain or snow, get an impression of the Berlin weather experience via the live webcam.

If you are travelling to Berlin and are wondering about what clothes you should pack, you can use our webcams to familiarize yourself.

As long with the webcam views, information about the current outdoor temperature, wind speed and rain probability is also available on the livecam feed.

Observe passing stormfronts, a rising moon or the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks as they happen on the "Livestream" channel.

Or, take a look at the past hour and see the latest impressions of Berlin on the channel "Latest".

The total area covered by this country is 357,021 km2.

The population of Germany is diverse in ethnic beliefs and consists of 81,799,600 people.

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No need to be homesick or miss your Berliner friends and family - see Berlin live from the webcam, even from the other side of the world.

Take in a panorama of Berlin’s historic centre - from night views of the street lanterns, car lights and historical buildings of Unter den Linden.

Feel the wind in your face, as the German national flag flies high above the historical Reichstag.

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