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6 ways to go back to work after a holiday and beat the autumn blues"Perhaps your mind is judging and comparing your circumstances [now and on holiday], and fantasising, wishing your life was anything but this," CPG's Clinical Director Dr Michael Sinclair tells the Evening Standard and adds: "Recognise this for what it is, a natural problem-solving approach, perhaps to feelings of sadness or boredom.

Our new video in the Ask The Expert series with Dr. What makes ACT therapy different and how does it work? Check out the video here Working with Mindfulness (Work smarter, reduce stress and engage; here's how to work mindfully.)If you haven't heard about mindfulness by now then you must have been hiding under a rock.

Matthew Beadman, Clinical Associate CPG, is now live on our You Tube channel. Today, mindfulness is cropping up everywhere from the prison service, the military, education, health care, parenting, sports and business as well as in popular mainstream activities such as mindful gardening, eating, walking and so on. Check out this new article from Dr Michael Sinclair and Josie Seydel for Read more How Brexit has kick-started London's summer of demob mania Dr Michael Sinclair, clinical director of City Psychology Group and author of Working with Mindfulness (Pearson), tells the Evening Standard how it is understandable that people have extreme reactions at 'such an uncertain, surreal time' and adds "At times of loss or mourning there can be a sense of wanting to enjoy what's there while you can.

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