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And she actually listens to him die over the phone.

In a case that grabbed national headlines, a Massachusetts girl was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the suicide of her friend.

Not only did Michelle Carter encourage Conrad Roy III to kill himself, she listened to him die on the phone without notifying police or anyone that could help him.

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Get back into the truck.” And then she never called police. I mean, she — a very disturbed individual, there’s no doubt about that.

STU: No, in fact, she actually created a charity softball game in his memory, after his death, and, you know — you know, tried to — she was communicating with friends saying that he was missing, before he had actually committed suicide.

STU: Again, he — at that point where he gets out of the truck and she talks him back into the truck — GLENN: It is pretty frightening. STU: Because I think you — my mind jumps to people like Charlie Manson who never killed anybody. And so they’re — the — the peer pressure is great to continue to go and — and to do these things. Well, by the end, you’re in a weakened state, and the last one is kill yourself.

He encouraged others to kill people, and they died. Once you set it into a path, as long as you have people around you — if you start to go off the path — as long as your friends are like, “No, no, go. Very few people will actually break from their friends. And then he’s constantly disrupting your sleep pattern towards the end.

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The reactions to Carter’s conviction have been mixed, with some arguing the verdict introduces a slippery slope that could violate the right to free speech. It’s not that simply that Michelle Carter lacked compassion — she directly encouraged another human being to kill himself in cold-hearted manner.