Start Updating social media one place

Updating social media one place

We make it easy for your Facebook friends and fans to reach out and get in touch with you through custom-branded Facebook apps for your business page.

Chances are, you have lots of happy customers that would love to refer business your way.

Presenting your clients with a way to quickly locate your information and link to your business when someone asks for a recommendation is incredibly important.

Facebook power users may be familiar with this update - back in November, a similar update was released for mobile devices via Facebook's Pages app.

Interacting with your customers online is no longer optional.

While many people start the search for service providers or local businesses with a quick Google query, what buyers really want are trusted referrals.

People often look to the advice of friends and family to validate their online research.

Additionally, social media platforms constantly evolve as apps add new features and change to accommodate new users.