Start Updating smart mailbox unread counts

Updating smart mailbox unread counts

We consolidated changes made to comply with DIB Inventory Maintenance requirements.

We also added a new percent penalty over rental rate value.

Driver's License Expiration Date: During the driver's license type collection process, it is necessary to obtain driver's license expiration date information.

Accounting for this additional field requires the relocation of the date of birth field.

First, Gift Cards can not be returned, voided, canceled or removed from a transaction once activated.

Second, the signature is printing above the expected location on receipts.

Mutt releases can be downloaded from ftp://org/mutt/. For nightly tarballs and version control access, please refer to the Mutt development site.

There are various ways to contribute to the Mutt project.

This value is used with the Percent Penalty option to determine the percentage above the rate to charge.