Start Updating bios asus rog

Updating bios asus rog

In our example today, we havr to rename the file from MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO-ALPHA-ASUS-1601. Most BIOS updates are reasonably small files, so even small capacity drives will be fine.

I’ve built quite a few PCs, HTPCs and home servers using ASUS boards and have found them to offer a great blend of performance and quality.

Today, I’m upgrading my Gaming PC with a motherboard BIOS update.

The PC is built on an ASUS Maximus Hero Alpha motherboard (check out our review) which has now had a few BIOS updates released.

Some people will copy the bios file to a USB drive for flashing, but I prefer to skip this step and just load the bios file straight from the hard drive. Enter the bios using the 'F2' key as soon as you power on the notebook.