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Truth or dare questions dirty online dating

If anyone in the house has allergies to dust mites, you also need a hotter wash.

While washing at temperatures of more than 60c will kill bacteria whatever washing product you use, at lower temperatures you need to use a product that contains an ingredient called activated oxygen bleach (AOBs).

These compounds turn into hydrogen peroxide on contact with water and have strong bug-killing powers.

TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp recently caused controversy when she suggested you shouldn’t have a washing machine in the kitchen on the grounds that it’s unhygienic, describing it as ‘disgusting’.‘My life’s work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen,’ she added in what she later claimed was a light-hearted comment on Twitter.

An analysis from Dettol in 2013, where scientists swabbed articles of clothing, soft toys and pet blankets before and after a wash, found that laundry done at 40c had just 14 per cent fewer bacteria after washing than before.

In one trial published in 2006 in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, 31 (out of 36) nits and 165 (out of 215) lice survived a wash at 40c — but they all died when washed at 50c.

If you handwash your clothes, you’re unlikely to use water of a hot enough temperature or spend long enough washing them to remove optimum levels of bacteria, says Dr Bockmühl.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found it took German researchers 90 minutes to remove the same amount of bacteria at 37c as it did in 15 minutes at 47c.