Start Team fortress stats not updating

Team fortress stats not updating

How will the blonde fair when he finds himself bound to a pair of twins?

When he finally gets the chance, however, the boy called a weapon will quickly find out that the decision to try to touch the sky has very devastating consequences.(New Chapter Posted) After discovering a long lost ancient forbidden master sealing technique created by a deceased clan leader and seal master of the Uzumaki clan, Jiraiya studies and tampers with it only for it to lead to unexpected results. He gave up, he didn't want to be a part of anything like this anymore.

Now, he was just a lazy and eccentric weirdo who HAPPENED to be there when a certain group of aliens were defending their unborn siblings.

Can a god have some fun, especially when the world itself had already bored him to no end? All he ever wanted was to escape the darkness and reach out into the light.

One day, he is suddenly pulled into another dimension of reality by a powerful being in order to complete a task.