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Richard wants to say something, but Bailey says less talking about saving lives and more saving of the lives. Arizona walks into an attendings lounge where April is getting ready for work.

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The body has approximately eleven organ systems, all doing different things at the same time. Bailey is working on her computer in bed with a sleeping Ben next to her. Meredith is waiting for Bailey and wishes her a happy first day.

It keeps everything running smoothly, in perfect order. Callie is happy to hear the place is run by ladies. Maggie says it's not, as it's what her grandmother calls her vagina.

Richard finds Bailey and says he just heard about the case. He asks if she needs a counsel or anything, but she's got it covered.

Bailey comes over and meets with the patient, a very tall woman. Bailey points out they haven't diagnosed the patient, but they can't figure out what could be wrong.

Jade says she just felt dizzy in a meeting, but she's fine now.

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