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More than 800 games were released for the system, which is way too many to keep in your desk drawer, so it's important to know what the best Game Boy games really are.

It wasn't the first handheld videogame system, but the Game Boy is the one that changed everything.

Suddenly, everyone you knew had a Game Boy and was peering intently at that tiny screen the color of overcooked spinach.

Though there weren't a ton of memorable shooters on the Game Boy, R-Type DX is easily the best the system saw.

View on Amazon Using the logic-puzzle type known as nonogram, you're presented with a grid informing you how many spots in a grid line are filled in.

View on Amazon Super Mario Land doesn't gets a pass out of nostalgia alone (though that is a big reason).

Dust off Super Mario Land today and you'll still be treated to a lively platformer dripping with Gunpei Yokoi's off-kilter design.

Hovering, wall climbing, super jumping, platform creation... Then add overhead areas a la Dragon Quest, complete with (frequent) enemy encounters and NPCs who talk IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and you've got a remarkably robust handheld game for its time.

View on Amazon Equipped with a new Mega Arm and saddled with a robo-assistant named Tango, Mega Man was sent on an entirely original adventure.

The list of additions goes on, and each one, while sounding simplistic, drastically altered the core game and solidified Pokemon as a no-nonsense RPG experience.

View on Amazon Nintendo could have simply ported over the original Super Mario Bros. Instead, it packed in enough new content to justify playing this all over again, and managed to get us excited for a 14-year-old game like it was brand new.

Each area housed unique Pokemon you could catch with an even more challenging gauntlet of pinball tasks.