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I usually write about Mac development, the business of shareware and the Mac community in general.

Zimbabwe is a classic example of a nation that was lead by Ian Smith in which Zim economy was amung the best in the world. Uganda, Angola, all of west Africa, Sudan, CAR Congo Rawanda Zim and even SA. Having enough food and not having murder in the streets is a goon measuring stick ti determine who should lead.

I am an African -American Sales executive who has visited South Africa twice in 2007 and once this year with plans to return in the fall.

I think that all who wish to live there or do need to work cooperatively to resolve issues central to the well being to the people.

i do hope by now you have done our country the favour of leaving and going back to where you came from.

Indeed, I am living come the end of the year, for good.

When I first came here, I had high hopes for this country, but as time went by, things became worse every minute.

After all, 4 Nobel Peace Prize have been awarded to South African politicians. — Update (2012): I believe in free speech, so I did not censor any of the comments below.