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Coward pursued him ruthlessly, forcing upon him large quantities of Stinger cocktails - a lethal mixture of brandy and white - and sexual activities which Traylor found repugnant.

" This was a reference to the 86-year-old novelist and playwright Somerset Maugham, whose wrinkled skin gave him a reptilian appearance. His eventual knighthood, his intimate friendship with the Royal Family, and his international celebrity might all have gone out of the window for ever.

Maugham was staying in the same hotel and had provided me with an introduction to Coward. When I objected to what he was doing, he looked at me in mock outrage.

In 1985 I revealed Coward's admission of the sexual relationship in my book Royal Feud.

Yet, at the time of my revelation, commentators rushed to denounce it, and some even concocted the notion of him having a relationship with the actress Gertrude Lawrence as a smokescreen.

The scene was a suite at the Dorchester hotel in Mayfair on an October day in 1960.

The surroundings were opulent, resembling a stage set, which seemed appropriate since the man I had come to visit was a theatrical legend, famous the world over.

"He's a great man and I love him dearly, but you have your career in front of you.

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