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Scientist dating websites

Long before finding a date by swiping your smartphone, browsing apartments on Trulia, or searching for part-time work through Indeed, there was Craigslist. Craigslist started as an emailed list of San Francisco-based events in 1995, which founder Craig Newmark expanded into a classified ads site and online forum.

Online forums have been around since the Internet’s inception, so in that sense, Reddit’s just the modern face of what began as dial-up discussion boards.

But Reddit, which arrived in 2005, also folds in social news curation, making it a combination story-and-reaction hub.

Years before “Google” became a verb, there was Yahoo.

An early effort to bring order to the chaos of the Internet, Yahoo served as a sort of Yellow Pages for the web, with human editors selecting links to news stories and other sites.

Here’s TIME’s collection of the 15 websites that most influenced the medium, and why.

Emerging generations may someday look back at the late 20th and early 21st centuries as a kind of dividing line: before and after the Internet, and before and after we scrutinized potential dates with a service like

We’ve made order of magnitude changes to the audiovisual aspects of web design since, but Berners-Lee’s basic thoughts on what a website should be still resonate nearly 30 years later.

Amazon may run the world’s biggest online store today, but credit e Bay for popularizing the idea of an open marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Users could give each selection a thumbs up or down, “training” the service to cater to their preferences.

You can see elements of that process in everything from Amazon’s “New For You” product recommendations, to Apple’s “For You” i Tunes content curation tab.

Amazon may be where we turn for paper towels, groceries and last minute holiday gifts, but it’s still e Bay people scan to find vintage or scarce items, from rare pairs of sneakers to sold out i Phones.