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Both towns keep the traditional way of living while come replete with tourist facilities, markets, souvenir shops and abounding dining options.

Other areas of habitat include scrub, salt pan, cultivated areas, mudflats, brackish waters, mangroves, sand beaches, offshore islets, and open sea.

Sam Roi Yod National Park also has great recreational and educational value.

It combines the convenience of a modern holiday destination with the fascinating charm of a still active fishing port.

In the contrary of the main destinations in Thailand, Hua Hin is very popular with domestic Thai tourists and therefore has kept a very strong local feel to it, avoiding the over-commercialization.

There is also a nature trail to discover the flora and fauna. Kui Buri is not yet too developed in terms of tourism and only a few hotels and resorts are available, and virtually no night life – at the same time it gives a very nice alternative to the destinations North and South which have both become more and more popular over the recent years.

Due to the distance to Bangkok airport, Kui Buri is still a lesser known destination to foreign travelers while already quite popular to Thai tourists as well as residents.

Its National park though expands beyond the district and covers about 969 Square Kilometers.