Start Richard fleeshman dating caissie levy

Richard fleeshman dating caissie levy

Last year, when you were cast in Ghost, were you actively looking to add more theatre to your resumé?

All these things were pointing me in the right direction.

The more I got to know about the show, the more I desperately wanted it.

Ghost is a gruelling show with a punishing schedule.

Richard has to stay physically fit in order to complete fight sequences that include backflips as well as a famous love scene where he appears topless.'People don't always understand but I'm doing eight shows a week and it's a hell of a lot to ask of yourself and your voice. So in a funny sort of way, it brings you closer together.'I'm also incredibly close to my mum and we speak every day.

It went on a long time; towards the end, by the final few auditions, I was terrified because I wanted it so much.

Before Ghost, what was the extent of your theatrical experience?

Because you exude such a mature confidence in your role, I was surprised to learn that you're only 22 years old. There are so many things I want to see and do in the city now that I have more time. K., Caissie Levy, previously starred on Broadway in Hairspray, Wicked and Hair. RF: Yeah, Caissie gives me the lowdown on where I've got to go.

To be fair, she takes me to most of the places herself, because we're best friends. She's returning the favor, of course, because I did that for her when we were in London for a year.

You got your breakout television role as a regular on the long-running British soap "Coronation Street" at the age of 12.

In addition to other notable TV appearances, you released a pop-rock album in 2007.

On a Saturday you might go out for a few drinks and maybe a few nice dinners during the week, but that's it for the moment.' 'Skype is a wonderful thing' he says. Sometimes it feels like I'm not away because I can see her.' Richard laughed as he said that: 'She showed me her new curtains the other day.''We've had quite a few regular fans come over and I've been so lucky because they bring me things from England which I miss like Warburton's bread, baked beans and cordial.