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“I learned so many mathematical concepts by playing games such as pallanguzhi with my grandmother.

The games are also proving to be a big hit with nris, says Geetha Rao, of the Crafts Council of Karnataka, whose outlets stock them.

“It’s a whole different experience from playing a regular, modern game, since we read traditional fables alongside.

It’s also nice to bond over the same game with the kids and my in-laws,” says Sujata.

Karthikeyan, head of marketing, has introduced traditional board games in management workshops.

Games like, Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Playing Cards, Polo, the martial arts of Judo and Karate had originated in India and it was from here that these games were transmitted to foreign countries, where they were further developed.

At Kreeda Games in Chennai, too, there is a profusion of traditional games, packaged in little cardboard boxes, eco-friendly and easy to carry.

“We started off with 50 pieces of eight games each. Singh, staunchly believe that this is where real learning lies.

Soon after he got off the plane, Iyer hunted down Vinita Siddharth of Kreeda Games, the subject of the news item, and went back home to Mumbai with several games stacked inside his suitcase.