Start Order goose fat online dating

Order goose fat online dating

Looking on Chowhound for a mention, it seems it gets favorable mentions on the NY boards.

It originated in the Black Forest region and Bavaria.

It was sliced so thin you could almost see through it and totally delicous.

I also bought some of their interesting chubs of liver sausages like the liver pate with goose liver and goose fat (hey, if it kills me, I'll die happy).

Anway, while looking up more I came across their website and it seems you can mail order from them.

I have my local supplier in San Francicso (will post about The Junket on SF Board), but I can say what I tried so far has been excellent.

Either she’s trying to be cool (which is so not cool) or she actually likes beer. For instance, I like lighter beers like lagers and hefeweizens.

Knowing the actual name for the beer I prefer usually makes men melt.

Blumenthal, better known for his bizarre creations than traditional tastes, said: ‘Goose fat might make them crispy, but using beef dripping to cook them will give your roasties an unbeatable flavour that will make sure your festive feast is talked about well into the new year.