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Only free chatting on line for couple sex

"I suppose that you have a boyfriend," the pest was saying. He didn't seem to notice my disapproval, and asked, "or is it that you prefer girls?

It was a small business, just the boss and three agents, with me as the only office girl.

"I've got an apartment, we can go there if you like? "My car's parked around the corner." I looked at him but said nothing. I looked at the passengers as the bus pulled away from the curb. We drove on in silence for a few minutes, then he asked, "have you ever had three guys at once? In the end I nervously got out of the car, and rode in the elevator to the seventh floor with him. There was a small entrance passage that ran past a kitchen area and across to the living area where three guys were watching a porno video. "We're just looking at what you might like," one of them laughingly went on to say, indicating the porno video which at that moment showed a girl being fucked mouth and pussy at the same time.

I was so mixed up about him that I didn't know what to say. I imagined myself safely on board and settling into my seat, on the way home. " he laughed - the porno pictures had all been of foursomes with three guys and one girl. "She's just a little bit nervous at the moment," the guy who had brought me told them.

While I was sucking cock and being fucked at the same time, the other two men mauled my breasts and slid their hands over my body.