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Online sex convo

I sat them down one day after school and demanded a conversation about my sexuality. This convo quickly turned into a lecture about STDs/STIs, sex, pregnancy, and things to worry about.

However, my mom did sit me down and explain to me how pregnancy works when I turned 13.

It was informative, although I pretended that I thought it was weird.

Here's what they had to say..."I told both my parents immediately when I had sex for the first time. I actually told them before I told my best friends!

My mom was so helpful and kind about it, and just wanted to make sure I felt happy and comfortable before, during, and afterwards.

He just listens, and answers questions as objectively as he can.

I'm the only one I know who talks to their dad about sex, but seriously, he's been really helpful in teaching me about my body, my life, and sexuality." —Blair, 18"My mom was really amazing when it came to talking to me about sex.

I still appreciate the support she gave me." —Alana, 17"I don't feel comfortable talking to my parents about sex, but I have no issue talking to my older sister about it.

I think as long as you're asking questions to ~someone~ out there, that's all that matters." —Tess, 16"I don't speak to my parents about sex or my sexuality and I'm okay with it.

I knew it would be difficult to ask these kinds of questions to my parents, but I really wanted answers.

So, one day after school I knocked on my mom's door and demanded a conversation about it all. I was of course so nervous to talk to my parents about sex, but I realized after speaking with them that they were teens once themselves, and are only there to help you navigate the vast world of romance." —Charlotte, 19"My boyfriend and I had been together for three years and I wasn't sure if I was ready to have sex yet.

" —Allegra, 17 "I think these conversations can go really well for some girls, but my parents are not especially good at them.