Start Online dating icebreaker questions and answers

Online dating icebreaker questions and answers

‘Vocabulary revision’ is a very broad term and activities could be very different in terms of what the learners need to do with the words: They then discuss the words in pairs, with people who know words explaining them to those who are not sure / have no idea.

The aim of the activity is to swap cards as many times as possible.

Hot Seat Another well-known simple activity that requires no preparation at all is Hot Seat. Two learners (one from each team) sit with their back to the board. The team explain the word to the person on the chair – the first team to guess gets a point.

Crosswords Polina Safronova shared a nice crossword maker that automatically creates half-crosswords for pairwork guessing games.

In this type of crossword student A’s version contains only the horizontal words, while student B’s version contains only the vertical words.

Then the list gets erased and the learners try to recall as many expressions as they can (for one minute).

They check in pairs – the pair that has recalled the most words is the winner. Explain to the learners that they’ll need to recall the words you display them.

For example, here’s a worksheet generated from this set.