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Online dating horror story

I met this guy who was a writer on Bumble and he suggested that we go to Chelsea in Manhattan on a Thursday night when the art galleries have their openings and I was pretty excited because that’s right up my alley for a date.

I ordered, we ate in almost silence except for his rave reviews about the endless breadsticks they kept bringing around. He asked me out for a drink on a Thursday night, I declined, because I figured his idea of a drink would be a trip to the nearest Casey’s where I could mix vanilla and cherry into whatever pop I wanted. I then proceeded to head out with my friends to a thirsty Thursday event at a local bar. At which point he said, ‘I know this might sound kind of weird, but I think it would be romantic if I could bury you in the sand right now. ’ I said, no thanks and made my way home shortly thereafter.” “I went to art school for college so I’ve always been super drawn to creative types.

We went to the pizza parlor around the corner from the galleries for a late dinner and as we were chatting about the starving artist lifestyle and he accused me of selling out for rent money — which at first was in good fun, but he couldn’t let it go. I think at that point we kind of knew that we were no longer hitting it off.

Then, he started talking about how he hadn’t had health insurance in years and he confessed he had a, and I quote verbatim, ‘growth on his groin.’ Um, yeah.

I had to legit walk into the building, walk up to the front desk guy and start talking.