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It’s all smells very natural and the complex scent matures over time.

The fragrance itself is wonderfully woody and just the right level of sweet. fragrances, among others in this price range, can occasionally feel like you’re spraying on an alcopop, but not this one.

It’s refined, not too overpowering, and the addition of tonka bean is a great little addition to make it pop.

The lumbering approach of sweaty commutes, longing looks out of the office window and maybe, just maybe, a pleasant day out? The go-to scent that you’ve been throwing on since God-knows-when.

Here are some of the best fragrances, newly released for the warmer months.

We’ve covered everything you need to know, from how it smells to how long long it lasts, as well as how cool the bottle looks on your dresser.

This is the first male fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez in a while, but it’s most definitely worth the wait.

The bottle comes with a removable spritzer, making it ideal for taking away on holiday or stowing in the bottom of your rucksack.

Its lifespan is pretty impressive for such a subtle and clean scent.

It’s an amazing blend of cardamom and nutmeg, which combines with other woody tones to generate a musky, but not smoky overall smell.

After spraying, it doesn’t whack you around the face and leave your senses battered and bruised.

A matching ladies' wedding ring is also available – see item number MI668.