Start Marital separation and dating south carolina

Marital separation and dating south carolina

Before we get into how alimony is determined, it is extremely important to know that alimony WILL NOT be awarded if a spouse commits adultery before: The types of alimony are not exclusive to the above, but those are the most common.

The factors South Carolina judges look at to determine the distribution of marital property are: The court can order a former spouse to sign and deliver any deed, sale, mortgage change, or anything else necessary to carry out the equitable apportionment that was ordered.

South Carolina’s marital property laws are, like the majority of states, equitable distribution laws.

Spouses in South Carolina have a right to all marital property.

In South Carolina, there are five grounds for divorce.

In other words, divorce will not be allowed by a court in South Carolina unless one of the following five grounds exist: The first four grounds are there to protect the spouse who does not engage in that behavior.

Many ask at the onset of divorce how much they will receive in alimony.

The short answer to that question is that there is no set or definitive number.

When a couple divorces, any assets or property acquired during the marriage have to be divided.