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As many of you know or don’t know, I’ve been involved in the Persian community since 1998, and in it, I’ve experienced the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. I wanted to learn so that I could teach my kids one day, say sweet things to my husband of the time, talk with his family and friends, and to be included and involved in what’s going on, being that I married into a Persian family.

If you share hard times about your own personal life, even if they can relate to it and have had even worse times, you’ll never hear about it, unless you’re in the immediate family.

They’ll just listen with a loving heart, try to be understanding, and give you advice. They’re extremely family oriented, which is one of the biggest pluses that I’ve seen to this day.

Sometimes, before you even make it out of the room. Persian woman have a reputation, whether they like it or not, for asking very forward questions early on when dating.

It doesn’t matter if you’re invited to their home as guests, they’ll still trash you after you leave, and of course invite you once again. They ask everything from a man’s job in fine detail, to his annual income.

The things listed here are not all things that I’ve personally experienced, but a combination of some that I’ve experienced and some that others have. The title of this article alone might cause drama, because I didn’t use the word Iranian, and wrote Persian instead. In case Persians don’t know by now, people will call you whatever you want. Everyone knows that, and although you unfortunately had been so prejudiced against at the time of the revolution, and still to this day I understand that many face prejudices, many people are just hating on you for the fact that you’ve come such a long way from 1979 until now.

Persians in LA have become so driven and motivated to succeed in business and in life here in America.

As well, for all of those Persians out there who aren’t proud of who they are, and where they come from, that’s ridiculous, and you should be proud of being Persian, because it’s a beautiful culture.

Being Persian has some of the most amazing things that go along with it. On my wedding day, my grandfather walked up to me on the dance floor and said,”Why didn’t you tell me that he’s Persian?

I’ve experienced many good things in the Persian community and have been blessed for getting the chance to learn so much from the Persians that I’ve met.

I’ve been lucky enough to have most of the Persians that I’ve known embrace me and my heart for embracing their culture.

(gossiping and talking behind people’s back) going on!