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As Lee and I raise our sixteen-year-old twins and preschooler, we realize that the parenting journey is a lot like a fast-paced adventure down the French Broad. But then I remember that I am not alone: my husband and I have help as we run these child-rearing rapids.

We would paddle when Grier the guide said, “Paddle! Grier, we realized, had knowledge about what we would encounter on the river.

Scripture is full of stories about parents who made huge missteps in raising their kids: Jacob showed favoritism; Samson’s parents failed to curb his selfish behavior; David nearly allowed his son Absalom’s defiance to tear his kingdom apart.

These narratives remind us of our need to go to God about every decision that relates to the way we raise our children and to remain vigilant about the kind of example we set.

Maybe you wonder whether your daughter will ever see past the handsome face and into the heart of that guy she’s dating.