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Girls guide to dating a runner

I guess women are more attracted to wealth and power than race times because despite my running improvement, I was once again without a partner for the couples caper.

(You’ve had a fling with an uptown 5K—you and 5,000 other freaks.) I wasn’t always this dedicated. I started referring to my “weekly mileage,” like this was a normal thing to do.

I was a decent runner at university, but I adopted a more casual relationship with the sport after an injury ended my competitive career early on. Nora, my wife (girlfriend at the time), was supportive of my increasing fanaticism, although I think it still baffles her that anyone would take running so seriously.

(Chant: “Go Nads.”) The mascot is a cape-wearing phallus called Scrotie.

To further bolster the art-school-student cliché, Nora owns a T-shirt that reads “SPORTS.” I think there’s a cultural aspect to this contrast, too.

In the past five years, we’ve gone running together three times. For one thing, it allows for a little healthy perspective—a reminder that some people, indeed the vast majority of people, really couldn’t care less about whether they manage to get in at least eight miles before dinner.

There are tragedies in the world of much greater consequence than the fact that you missed your Sunday long run—like meeting your significant other at a trendy brunch spot dressed in split shorts and a singlet.

On trips, you’re more tethered to one another than at home; that post-breakfast 18-miler becomes a shared burden.

We’ve forgone the scenic route many times in favor of bombing down some loveless stretch of highway just so somebody could get in a jog before sunset. The idea is that dance, unlike running, is something we can actually do . Our instructor is a middle-aged Serb named Dragan who likes to hijack my wife to demonstrate his killer moves.

To make your "kid duty" more tolerable, I recommend dating a women with older kids so you do not have to do diapers.

Do not convince yourself that you will not have diaper accidents during your short baby-sitting stints. Warm-Up - When she says she "needs to warm-up" - do not get excited. Most likely you will end up holding her extra clothes and purse as she goes off to get hot and sweaty - alone.

In this sense, I’m much more American than my wife. (Though clearly not bashful enough.) In the opening paragraph of his memoir, , Haruki Murakami writes that “a gentleman shouldn’t go on and on about what he does to stay fit.” He then goes on and on about something millions of people do to stay fit. I’m not remotely close to being a professional athlete, so who cares about the tempo I did last Thursday?