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Facebook friend someone on dating site

It would also be a reason for people to unfriend those who disagreed with us politically.

Such traits help people flourish as rational, social animals.

Again, if you thought that these characteristics looked the same for every individual, you might worry that this still means that friends should be very similar.

One could argue that this makes it easier both to share our thoughts (even those that many wouldn't air in person) and to disconnect from others, even when social pressures might make it harder to do so when face to face.

Figuring out when to exercise these different abilities could require individuals to exercise the virtues.

One option is to unfriend people who share material that conflicts with our values.

But a siloed environment where people self-select into echo chambers could also be worrisome.

Being your best self helps you to live a good life. What he means by a vice is the wrong amount of a characteristic: for example, too much fear or too little concern for others.

Vices can make people's lives worse overall, even if more enjoyable in the short term.

Difference isn't bad, and can even enrich our lives.

But having vicious people as friends make us worse off, both because we care about them and want them to live well and because of their influence on us.

Courage, for example, is the middle ground between an excess and a deficit of fear.