Start Errors in radiometric dating

Errors in radiometric dating

How do these measure up to the evidence, both in nature and in Scripture?

Gone was the image of the white-coat-clad, cool, calm, calculating, objective scientist. Lest we creationists settle smugly into self-righteousness, I should note that these scientists were reporting on a number of well-documented errors made by creationists.

It is not that difficult to find significant errors in any broad area of science.

How has our church been affected by this conflict of views?

What are some of the solutions that have been proposed?

It was not long before some scientists at the Institute started suggesting, subtly at first, and later more openly, that life had existed on earth for a much longer time than the few thousand years suggested in the Bible.

Other scientists at the Institute felt that the scientific data could be reinterpreted otherwise, and indeed some data suggested a much briefer period than the millions of years that science was claiming.

I was in New Orleans attending the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, and of special interest to me were two symposia on creation and geology.

The statement quoted above came from a professor of geology at Oregon State University.

More than two-thirds of those that believe in a six day creation think it occurred less than 10,000 years ago, while the rest opt for a six day creation between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago.

Only 18.2% opt for life’s having developed by God’s activity over millions of years, while a few have other ideas.

What had especially irritated these scientists was a Gallup poll of adults in the United States taken two months earlier that showed how few were accepting the evolutionary model that life came about by itself.