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Consolidating federal school loan

However, the skyrocketing costs of obtaining a higher education have put a large percentage of graduates in to a precarious financial situation.

A Fidelity study estimates that the graduating class of 2013, for example, faces an average of $35,200 in college-related debt upon graduation.

This includes federal and private student loans as well as credit card debt and money borrowed from family members.

In order to consolidate your federal loans, you must be either in your grace period or repayment period.

In 2005, the Government Accountability Office considered consolidating consolidation loans so that they were exclusively managed through the FDLP.

Federal student loans are generally the most attractive loan options due to their low and fixed interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

Many students will get federal loans for each year in school and will graduate with more than one loan to repay. Department of Education, a Direct Consolidation Loan can help you streamline your federal loan payments.

The Federal Loan Consolidation Program was created in 1986.