Start Consolidating album tracks in itunes

Consolidating album tracks in itunes

i Tunes is a popular free application from Apple which, among other things, can import, organize and play back a library of music.

You should only have this option checked when you are 100% sure you would like i Tunes to create copies of all the Music you drag into the i Tunes Library (recommended) If you want to use both playlists in i Tunes as well as Crates in the Serato software we recommend having the "Keep i Tunes Media Folder organized" option unchecked in the i Tunes preferences screen.

Songs from Apple Music are DRM protected, and won't be playable in any other software.

This is why songs from Apple Music don't show in Serato DJ.

This will avoid missing showing up within the Serato software since they will no longer be shifted around by i Tunes.