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This is the famous film written and directed by Sergei M.

B 75 (6x400) OB Brilliant Buster Keaton comedy from 1925.

Financial banker Jimmie Shannon (Keaton) is nearly bankrupt, when he learns his Grandfather has died and left him 7 Million Dollars, on one condition he marries by 7p.m.

B 65 (2x800) Western adventure made in 1952 starring Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Kennedy & Mel Ferrer.

A nice rancher (Kennedy) seeks out the men who killed his fiance; his search leads him to Chuk-a-luck, a ranch run by Marlene Dietrich to hide criminals, but can he find the right man!

Its a fair Walton print which could do with a good clean B /B 75 (4x400) Rare 8mm print starring Virginia Mc Kenna & Peter Finch its a story set during the early days of WW2, the advancing Japanese army in the far east is capturing a lot of British territory, as well as the many people caught up in it, men are sent to labour camps, but the women and children are forced marched to try and find a camp for them, an Australian from a mens camp sneaks food to them, and talks about his home in Australia, where after the war she visits, and settles down to life in the Outback.

B /B 65 (4x400) OB Fun Laurel & Hardy comedy from 1939, Stan & Ollie are in Paris, he falls for a lovely waitress Georgette, but when he finds out she is already married he joins the French Foreign Legion to forget, oh and Stan has to come too!

Its a bit dated, but still fun B/B- 60 (3x800) P/N: Has a few splices Well run print of this David Lean directed comedy drama starring Charles Laughton & John Mills.

The print has quite a few black lines, but might improve a lot if cleaned with Thermofilm or the like B 65 (3x400) Rare 1935 John Wayne western adventure, hes wrongly accused with a friend of armed robbery, so they go looking for the dastardly critters that really did it.

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B 65 (4x400) OB SCOPE Rare Mountain Films Scope print of this 1958 comedy starring Diana Dors, George Gobel and Adolph Menjou.