Start Buy military gas masks online dating

Buy military gas masks online dating

What you want are the newer NATO-standard masks with an external can.

Hopefully I will not be sniped down in my moon suit.

I am in the process of getting all my eqipment up to date, can any one give me some contacts to get, full radiation suits or gas masks complete, I am in canada I need weapons. Any survivel groups that would like to set up communications. Haarp is ****ing up the weather under the guies of global warming. When you mention radiation suits I feel constrained to point out that there isnt a suit on the market that will protect you from neutrons and gamma rays, you need about 5 inches of lead to shield against these.

They make it much easier to aim a weapon and use peripheral vison. Very good points confederate88 -You can also fit/seal test a surplus mask with ammonia capsules or "banana" capsules. Also, if you work in any type of activity that necessitates using a respirator, you can write off the expense of purchasing this on your taxes.

-specs for the agents that surplus masks (not meaning the filter) can defend against and for how long I'm sure are readily available online With my line of work in emergency services I'm going to invest in a new NBC mask with the panoramic front as you described. That's a lot of cash for something that more than likely will never be used. I'll shell out the extra cash because it's considered personal protective equipment for my occupation and a tax write off. My old M17A1 series I had in the military and a German one I got from a place like Cheaper than dirt. You can get a new one from Sportsmans guide or cheaper than dirt or Center fire. Mine are just in case I need them to fend off local law enforcement. I doubt you'll ever need it for anything like nerve gas. Full suit and training is the only thing that'll save you. i wouldnt recomend it for usage today..i have a Finnish M61 Mask. It came in some swankey looking bag with the Finnish defence logo on the front.

Chemical detectors are a good idea if you can get them.

On a side note, heres a safe way to test your gas mask.

Even if you go whole-hog, and shell out the cash for full-scale MOPP-4 (or whatever they're calling it this week) for everyone, without the proper panoply of decontamination agents and gear, you are basically firing blanks. A much more effect defense against chemicals is to be aware of the indications, particularly the scent, and get clear of the area.