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In 2005, Max B appeared as a feature on various records, including "G's Up" and lead single "" off of Jones' sophomore album released in August. In 2006, Max B became embroiled in legal trouble when he was arrested on September 29 in connection to a botched turned that occurred in , allegedly involving his "on-again off-again girlfriend" Gina Conway and Kevin Leerdem.

It would eventually go on to become one of many grievances and disputes Max would share with his former labelmate and head Jim Jones.

Max B's fourth mixtape Public Domain: The Prequel was released later in the month following his release from prison.

Exactly one month prior to Max's release, on June 11, his friend Stack Bundles had been killed in his neighborhood of . Man, that was my nigga." By 2008, Max B had left Byrd Gang and publicly distanced himself from the "Dipset" movement.

In a 2009 interview before his trial, Max expressed his loss stating, "That was fucked up because the nigga Stacks was close to me, I ain't even gonna front. A nigga learned to cope with that thing pretty well though, R. He had begun concentrating on his own rap collective named Gain Greene which included members Al Pac, Mak Mustard and Scarlett O' Harlem.

He is sentenced to 28 years Charly Wingate was born and raised in .

His mother Sharon Wingate, the eldest of eight siblings, had battled with substance abuse including having served a year and a half in prison for her crack addiction.

Charly Wingate (born May 21, 1978), better known by his Max B, is an American recording artist.