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Bible passages dating relationships

You know I'm going to defer to our resident-expert on Genesis - Bob Deffinbaugh from

Do you believe that Jesus, as God, could not only heal the paralytic but forgive his sins as well?

In today's readings, Jesus calls Matthew (or "Levi"), the author of this Gospel, and a Jewish tax collector at the time of his call. This is a wonderful reminder to bring our tithes and offerings to God, and he will bless us immensely.

As such, Jewish tax collectors were typically not allowed to be in the temple - nor were they even trusted as witnesses in trials. :) (yes, I still trust Matthews writings - he, like us, was forgiven & changed after meeting Jesus) Below is a painting of Jesus calling Matthew at his tax collector booth - I love how Matthew is very attentive in this image toward Jesus in the midst of all the chaos around him. Like Jesus, will we talk and dine with "sinners" in our lives today? The Psalmist says God will listen to their cries and comfort them. Do we write these checks with a joyful and thankful heart to God for this opportunity to give back to Him? Pray that God would lead you to the specific amount you should be tithing each month and to the specific church(es) and ministry(s).

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One thing that I have to be careful of - and maybe all of us do - is not getting myself stuck in the "Christian bubble" or the "Christian ghetto." Meaning, I think we can sometimes find ourselves just spending time, just talking with, just dining with our Christian friends.

And then after a while find ourselves completely removed from the world that needs to experience Jesus' love and light and truth through us. Yes, there is a time and place for sure to fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters.

In this arid region of Gerar, water was like gold and people often battled over water.