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Awans film 1974 online dating

Despite its huge mass, populism, and support, the MMA alliance only retained 63 seats whilst the PPP retained 94 seats and the President Musharraf's PML(Q) securing 124 seats during the general elections held in 2002.

The Islamic political parties did united on a single platform in 1993 as "Islamic Front" but the competition ensued between conservative PML(N) and leftist PPP forced the front into split when the JUI(F) decided to opt in support of Benazir Bhutto of PPP against the Pakistan Muslim League.

Each team will play 7 more games (teams ranked 1-4 and 9-12 will play four times at home). This is the fifth season to take place since the new playoff/playout rule has been introduced.

The defending champions are Legia Warsaw, who won their 12th Polish title the previous season.

The JUI(F) led by its leader cleric Fazl-ur-Rahman retained the most of the political momentum in the alliance, but the portion of the leadership comes from the JI.