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The group included Pier Farri (drums), who would later become Guccini's producer; Victor Sogliani (saxophone), future member of Equipe 84; and Franco Fini Storchi (guitar).

His studio albums production slowed down in the nineties and 2000s, but his live performances continued being successful.

His lyrics have been praised for their poetic and literary value and have been used in schools as an example of modern poetry.

His father, Ferruccio Guccini, was a postal employee, and his mother, Ester Prandi, was a housewife.

While his father served in the Italian military during World War II, Guccini lived with his grandparents in a small village in the Apennine Mountains in northern Tuscany called Pàvana, where he spent his childhood.

Here you'll find a complete and official discography of my solo work, my productions, and recordings with Ambrosia; all of my songs from A-Z with key song lyrics; photos & memorabilia from my personal archives; personal stories including my music mentors Leonard Bernstein and Quincy Jones; global events I've music-directed/produced; discovery through "E-Things: Exceptional Works, Products & People"; my works of faith in the "Light" section; and surprises you'll discover as you browse the menu bar.

The homepage photo is from Kauai - it's my friend Todd Rundgren's reflecting pond that is part of his open living room.

Beato Band has already received great reviews, industry buzz and coverage in huge outlets like CNN TV, NBC TV, The Washington Times, and Sirius XM.

[PRESS RELEASE]To read and watch these pieces, watch Beato music videos, and read the incredible stories of their lives and music - from Fred coming to American at age 10 as a Cuban refugee; to their high school days in a band together; to each of their career successes - check out their site, and sign up for the mailing list to stay informed on videos and releases. Napa Crossroads is a first-of-it’s-kind collaboration between the owners of five prestigious wineries: Silver Oak, Far Niente, Pride Mountain Vineyards, Gargiulo Vineyards, and Casa Piena – and David, legendary recording artist-producer who conceived, co wrote, and produced the project, entirely in Napa Valley.

The next year he undertook mandatory military service, an experience he described as "substantially positive".

Record Producer CGD commissioned Guccini to write a song for the 1967 Sanremo Festival, "Una storia d'amore", to be sung by Caterina Caselli and Gigliola Cinquetti at .

Guccini has gained the appreciation of critics and fans, who regard him as an iconic figure.

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