Start 13 stepping in aa dating

13 stepping in aa dating

The material presented here is not Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature.

I thought I understood it but am not sure any more.

It seems to be a common theme I am seeing in Alanon and I have such mixed thoughts about it.

Taking advantage of those new to recovery, hurting and needing to trust, is wrong.

Two free people finding that they have most in common with those who share such an important part of their lives, could be right. I do not need that kind of living hell in my life- that choice could make the only safe family I know become instantly weird to my distorted mind.

We all know we are responsible for our happiness and it is an inside job.

It can temproarly be found when helping another with their pain and sometimes that helps project our own pain, but in the end, it is a relationship based on something other than "it".

This woman broke his anonymity at meetings, use to call me up and tell me what he was doing when he was at meetings.(Shetook great delight in telling methat she saw him at the halfway house.)She called my father in law to tell him that he was drinking again! Trying to get the spritual from the physical and emotional high of a sexual relationship.

She even came into my work and told people about hubby! It's one of the reasons why he has never gone back to his home group. The last time she came into my work and asked me why she hadn't seen him at meetings. I told her flat out "Unlike you, I don't break the anonymity of an addict! I called my manager over and explained the situation. It is the same as getting "High" from anything and there are some very screwed up justifications that come with it.

I have to remember that she is much sicker than we realize. He told her that she was not to come back in the store. A 13th step does not take you to the head of the group.

A mutual relationship that comes out of meeting someone at a meeting is not the same thing. It usually takes you out of the program of recovery because you're really back to "using"..another drug.

It's not listed amoung the 12steps I have choosen to follow today and it doesn't work for me because I have attempted it in the past.